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Picasso Raffle

Picasso Raffle

Picasso Raffle – See Video Below

First off, to avoid all possible confusion, this is not the official Picasso Raffle site just a cubisto-surrealistical lunaticalistic information site, – see below or in the sidebar for the link to the official Picasso Raffle site where you can buy your ticket for the princely sum of 100 euros.

What is the Picasso Raffle?

Well it’s a raffle. It will let someone win a Picasso called Man With Opera Hat (L’Homme au Gibus) – a 12 x 9 inch drawing – estimated value 1 million euros – cost of the ticket 100 euros (a few too many euros for most people in these straightened times I would guess – so it’s a raffle for rich people, not for the riffle-raffle, which is as it should be) – odds of winning 50,0000 to 1 (if you buy 1 ticket). Thousands of tickets have already been sold and there is a limit of 50,000 tickets. The draw will be on 18th December 2013 in Paris, under the supervision of Sotheby’s and a bailiff.

All proceeds will go to finance two Arts and Cultural Projects in a UNESCO World Heritage city in Lebanon.

Fancy your chances? Well, if you’ve just made £250 on the Royal Mail sell-off then you might consider throwing 85 of them into the Opera Hat – if you win of course you will have the problem of knowing where to hang your Picasso. If you lose then your 85 quid has gone to a charity.

Don’t forget there may be tax considerations if you sell your newly acquired Picasso or security considerations if you want to keep it.

This is believed to be the first time that work by a major painter has changed hands in this way.

According to Picasso’s grandson, Olivier Picasso, his grandfather would have loved the idea.

“My grandfather was a pioneer, he was happy to be the first in every kind of situation. He was a helpful person, very generous, giving money around him during many difficult times.”

The 5 million euros that will be raised will be used to finance preservation projects in a Unesco World Heritage site, the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre in southern Lebanon, which was badly damaged during the Lebanese civil war.

The whole idea was dreamed up by Olivier Picasso and French journalist Peri Cochin, whose family has been involved in protecting Tyre for many years.

“It’s a dream. So many people would love to have a Picasso and will never be able to afford it, so it’s really a dream that could come true. If you win it and you don’t want to keep it, of course you can sell it.”

You can enter the competition online here – Picasso Raffle

Man With Opera Hat is a cubist period piece from 1914 – its authenticity has been attested by Picasso’s children Maya Picasso and Claude Ruiz-Picasso.